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Windows 98 automatically installs a program called Windows Scripting Host. All users of Win 9X should look for and uninstall this program as quickly as possible!!! Why? Read on....

WHY "WINDOWS SCRIPTING HOST" SHOULD BE UNINSTALLED: One of the primary ways that Macro Viruses get spread around is that, unknown to the user, infected files invoke Windows Scripting Host which allows virus programs to take control of the user's system. This affects on-line users of Windows Outlook/Outlook Express, as well as users of Microsoft Word whether they are on-line or off-line.   If you accept data from outside sources and your application implements "Active X", you are a potential victim!  The Windows Scripting Host is not needed at all by general/business users: it has limited usefulness for software developers. By uninstalling Windows Scripting Host, you will remove the weapon used by Macro Virus authors. The bottom line? Get rid of it quick!!


  1. From the DeskTop select the "Start" Button.
  2. From the menu that appears, select "Settings".
  3. From the second menu that appears, select "Control Panel".
  4. In the resulting window, double click on "Add/Remove Programs".
  5. In the "Add/Remove Program Properties" window, select the "Windows Setup" tab.
  6. In the list of Components, click "Accessories", and then click the "Details" button on the right.
  7. 7. In the resulting "Accessories" window, scroll down the Components until you find "Windows Scripting Host", and then UN-check the box.
  8. Click "Apply" (first choice) or "OK" (if no 'Apply' button appears) to close all of the Settings windows. Close the Control Panel Window. No CD is required in order to make this change.
  9. Re-boot your system: Click START, then click Shut Down. In the "Shut Down Windows" window, select either "Shut Down" or "Restart" and then click "OK".

Your system will now ignore any elements within e-mail attachments, WORD documents, etc. which try to take control of your system using the Windows Scripting Host.