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To update your programs from the source drive, type:

				     {source drive}:INSTALL

EXAMPLE: If your floppy drive is A:, type:


INSTALL will survey your system and will ask you for appropriate choices.


	From the Program Manager, select File (or START in Windows 95)
	On the File menu, select Run.
	In the Run window, Enter the Command line:  A:SETUP

SETUP will survey your system and will ask you for appropriate choices.

After a successful Install or Update, the SETUP program will ask the operator for permission
to install the DATASMITH Payroll Icon on the desktop.


1. Copy the files from each diskette into a temporary Network Directory or Drive.  If your
Master Disks contain subdirectories, create corresponding subdirectories (keep the same
subdirectory name) in your Network Directory.  All diskettes should be copied into a single
Network Directory.

2. At each workstation, follow the instructions above appropriate for your desktop environment.
When asked to identify the location of the Master Disk #1 files, specify the data path to the
temporary Network Directory as seen from your workstation.  				    Notes on Using the INSTALL utility

A program named INSTALL.EXE (the Windows version is SETUP.EXE) has been included on your master diskette
#1, or on a separate INSTALL diskette.	With INSTALL, all you have to do to install program revisions into your
system is to start INSTALL from any floppy disk drive (called the 'source drive').  The INSTALL utility will
"know" the contents of each diskette, and will know whether the diskettes are primarily intended for an initial
Installation or an Update. When it needs another Master Disk, it will ask for it.

The INSTALL utility will survey your system to determine if there is already a \PAYROLL directory on any drive.
If so, the program will suggest that directory as the destination for the new Installation.  There should normally be
only one \PAYROLL program directory in your system.  In order for us to provide proper telephone support, we
strongly urge that the startup directory always be named {any drive:}\PAYROLL.	Present and future DATASMITH
Payroll utilities will always assume by default that your payroll startup directory (called the USER directory in
Version 9.x) is located in \PAYROLL.

	On DATASMITH Payroll versions through 8.x, the startup directory contains user setup files, program
	files, and test data (which may be overwritten with "real" data by the operator after initial installation).
	There is only one data path specified by the operator, and the default data path is:
						    {any drive:}\PAYROLL

	On DATASMITH Payroll Version 9.x systems, the operator may be asked to identify additional directories
	as follows:

	USER directory	      This is the directory from which the program is started on a given workstation.
			      Each workstation on a network will have its own USER directory.  The default
			      path for the USER directory is:
						    {any drive:}\PAYROLL
	PROGRAM directory	     This directory contains shareable program modules.  On a network, this
				     directory can be located on a network drive to allow all users
				     simultaneous access.  The default path for programs will is:
						    {any drive:}\PAYROLL\PROG
	HELP directory	      This directory contains shareable HELP files. On a network, this directory can
			      be located on a network drive to allow all users simultaneous access. The default
			      path for the HELP directory is:
						    {any drive:}\PAYROLL\HELP
	DATA directory	      This directory, identified only when the Install option is chosen, will contain the
			      Test Data files.	Other data directories are established later by the operator, and
			      need not be identified during INSTALL.  In general, to avoid the possibility that
			      "real" data might be over-written with test data, the operator should not identify
			      "live" data directories as "DATA" directories during INSTALL. The default
			      path for the DATA directory is:
						    {any drive:}\PAYROLL\DATA

Setup Options:
After you establish the destination data paths, INSTALL will ask the operator to specify the Install or Update option.
"Update" replaces program files, but does not disturb existing data files.  "Install" will replace program files and
put test data in your default data directory.