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No Year 2000 Problem!

Need it in writing?

WHAT DATASMITH VERSIONS ARE YEAR 2000 READY? All DATASMITH Payroll systems shipped on or after January 1, 1979 (Version 4 and later) are Year-2000-Ready!! Yes, we MEAN 1979!!! Yes, we mean ALL the old systems - even the ones shipped before the IBM PC was invented! DATASMITH Payroll has NEVER had a "year 2000 problem"!

BUT MY DATASMITH PAYROLL ACCEPTS A 2-DIGIT YEAR: DOESN'T THAT CAUSE A PROBLEM? No. In all of the 17 countries serviced by DATASMITH Payroll, all payroll reporting is based on the Calendar Year. So unless you keep your payroll files, equipment, diskettes, tax forms, and employees for more than 100 years, there is no way you (or your DATASMITH Payroll) can get confused!

The Payroll application is different from General Ledger in that fiscal years are not allowed by law, so cross-year reporting (which can cause "year 2000" problems in other applications) is simply not done on official payroll reports. Certain optional or custom reports written by LPI/DATASMITH may do multi-year reporting for internal reporting purposes. These reports use a standard technique to automatically determine which year(s) the operator is referencing based on the assumption that no payroll report will ever span more than 49 years. In the U.S., you will only need to keep your payroll records for 3 - 7 years (for most purposes) unless you are filing fraudulent tax returns, in which case you have to keep them forever and we can't help you.

DATASMITH Version 9.5 and later systems will accept either a two-digit or a four-digit year from the operator. If a two-digit year is entered, the program uses the computer's clock/calendar to automatically figure out the first two digits of the year, so that the 49 year assumption is no longer needed. Of course the REAL problem you're going to have with 49-year time spans in the 21st Century is finding an old 5.25" floppy disk drive to read the data from your half-disintegrated diskettes which you have carefully preserved from 1982 into your new 300 gazillion MHZ optical processor.

OTHER 'REAL' PROBLEMS: While we're pretty confident that DATASMITH Payroll will never cause your elevators to stop or your microwave to malfunction in year 2000, we can't guarantee that your Federal, State, and Local tax authorities won't change the rules next week!!

How do you protect yourself? How do you get that protection in writing? Easy!! Just make sure your DATASMITH Payroll is always "in warranty". You do this by either making sure you have installed a current Payroll system within the last year, or by purchasing an annual update. You will be assured that you have taxes calculated by current current rates...and programs that are compatible with current operating system platforms...whatever they may be... in 2000 and beyond!

Nobody has more experience in microcomputer payroll that works through the years for you than celebrating our 20th year in the field (yes, we're older than the PC)!!