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DATASMITH Payroll Products

DATASMITH Custom Payroll Payroll

A complete real-world Payroll Solution . . . DATASMITH Payroll quickly and easily calculates federal, state, and local taxes for any location in the U.S. ...PLUS it handles pension plans, loans, liens and garnishments...early/late paychecks, and many other situations. Fault-tolerant structure and sensible "Preview-and-redo" operation makes it work! Choose from three standard versions...or we'll configure a version to your specifications at a very affordable price! All versions shipped on CDROM complete with 350+ page printed manual. All versions include a full year of support services.

DATASMITH Payroll Product Comparison
Small Business
limited to 25 employees, 350+ page printed manual on-line & e-mail support $82 license, $79/year updates.
unlimited # employees, multiple companies, 350+ page printed manual on-line, e-mail, and telephone support $465 license, $69/year updates.
unlimited # employees, multiple companies, 350+ page printed manual, DATACHECK (MICR checks), Direct Deposit on-line, e-mail, and telephone support $1030 license, $99/year updates.

All DATASMITH offerings above are network-ready and site-licensed for one business address.  All products are distributed on CDROM unless otherwise specified.   All products include a one-year subscription to our support site which includes downloadable updates, tax tables, technical bulletins and application notes.

DATASMITH Payroll has been field-proven for over 23 years on multiple computing platforms. It is currently in use in every state in the U.S., and is processing individual payrolls containing 5 to over 11,000 employees.

DATASMITH Payroll is modular, and is available with many new features and expanded capabilities to meet your needs. We can also provide custom features such as special reports or data interchange facilities and even foreign payroll processing (we currently provide this for 17 countries in this hemisphere).

The DATASMITH difference is our commitment to excellent support. We are proud to have many clients who have been with us for a decade or more.

Ready to order?Just Click Here to purchase any of our standard products on-line. If you have established credit with us or wish to use a purchase order, please give us a call at (913) 381-9118 to arrange delivery. All DATASMITH products are shipped on CDROM unless you specify other media such as ZIP disk or diskette.

Need more information? Try the demonstration: we want you to know how the program will work for you. You can obtain a demonstration CDROM complete with tax tables and test employee data which you can change to match your organization's real data, or a demo with the complete 350+ page manual. The cost of the demonstration can be applied toward your purchase price.

To help you run a meaningful demonstration, just e-mail or call us with the details and we'll help you set up your own test cases! Pick the hardest ones...the ones another payroll package can't handle...the ones which drive your accountant crazy: we enjoy a challenge (but we've probably heard it before)! You'll be amazed at how easy these cases are with DATASMITH Payroll!

We'll also be glad to mail you our printed brochure which will give you a more complete overview of DATASMITH Payroll, or you can view it on-line at:


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